When is the blue star flowers?

Blue star flower flower

The flowering season of the Blue Star Flower is from 1 to December, almost a year flowering. Blue Star Flowers like a sun, a warm environment, the environment is growing, and it can bloom in four seasons a year.

Blue Star Flowers are generally blooming in the morning, and it is all in the afternoon. The next day, I will reopeon new flowers, full of new ideas.

Blue star flower

Blue star flowers are very beautiful. The flower of the Blue Star Flower is an axillary flowering, the color is blue, the depth is different, the blue is very beautiful. There are 5 petals, the center is white, it is called star flowers. Blue Star Flowers start like a wooden umbrella, and it is called umbrella flower.

Value of Blue Star Flower

Blue star flower plant about 30 ~ 60, semi-vine growth, beautiful blossom, mainly watching. Suitable for the garden beautification, flower beds, potted plants or ground.

Blue Star can also match the flowers of other varieties, and any flowers can be fit well. With the rose, it is possible to highlight the aura of roses, and the white full star match, which is elegant and calm. Therefore it is very suitable as an inrangement material.

Blue Star Flower Flowering Precautions

Blue Star Flowers have a splendid flowers that require a good growth environment. It likes plenty of illumination, if you can’t meet the illumination conditions, the light is insufficient, the branches are easy, will affect the blossom of the blue star flowers.

The flower of the Blue Star flower is almost all year, which means that it is spent in the four seasons a year, so it will definitely a large number of nutrients, so it needs to be recharged frequently.

Blue Star Flower Picture Appreciation

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