When is the color of the color?


Colorful grass flowers in summer, top born total antiques, small flowers, light blue or white. Opening a flower once a year, the flower period is about one week. However, different regional environments are different, and some areas are flowering from 8 to September.

How to do spending

If you are blooming, if you are a glower, you can consider leaving the seed; when you bloom, use the brush to the form of a pollen brush head, and then set the paper bag to isolate to prevent discrimination. After the flowering, it is necessary to ensure that the plant is growing normally, it should be fertilized in time, based on phosphorus, the nutritional demand is guaranteed.

How to harvest seeds

Understand after flying, as long as the sun is sufficient, there is no pest harm, the colorful grass can be born, and the seed is mature after a month after the addition, it can be hosted. After harvesting seeds, dry in a cool place, to be seeded. Because the seeds of the colors are small, the harvest is trying to harvest a piece of pod. It is also important to pay attention to the seeds, the seeds of the seeds, the second year, will have some variation phenomenon. After the seedlings, screening should be performed, and some thin seedlings are eliminated.

Can the seeds fall off, can you grow a small seedlife?

After the colored grass is mature, it is easy to naturally fall off, but when the seed is ripe, it is hit by the wind and rain, the seed will fall, and when cutting the flowers, the sepals have become yellow, more crisp, inevitable will have landing Seed. These seeds can like a small seedlings in the soil, but because they are not cold, growing will not be very good. So I want to count on the colorful grass, it is impossible.

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