When is the flowers flowers?

How long can plant flowers?

General flowers, it can be blooming for 3 years, usually most varieties are around October, and some will flow in June. Some varieties can bloom in such a way that C188 two years. Of course, there are many factors that do not flow and have the previous period. It may have a lack of agriculture of agriculture, and the environment is not suitable. Of course, if it is too long, the floral stretch can not come out, and it will not bloom in it.

After flowering, what should we need to pay attention to the seed?

Under normal circumstances, flowers flowers flowers in the afternoon, because it is necessary to escape the sun, reduce transpiration. If the two flowers are the same as the same period, they can polite, each flower is around six days, usually three days, pollen is mature. In order to ensure the success of the pollination, we still have to artificially polite. If we don’t have flowering flowers, we can collect the first flowering pollen to be stored in the refrigerator, and the second blossoms with the first flower pollen pollen. If there are two flowers in the flowers, the morning will wait for a minute late, the late one will catch up, this is also their self-adaptation to nature.

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