When is the plum blossom blossoming

Blossoming time and famous places:

Most plum blossoms bloom around February:

① The Meihua Mountain in Nanjing is blooming in February, which is the first choice for watching plum blossoms;

② The plum blossoms in the botanical garden in Shanghai are also open in February, which is a good tourist destination;

③ There are Zhejiang Chaoshan plum blossoms that bloom in late January. The plum blossoms here are known as the most strange and precious plum blossoms in the world, especially the two ancient plums there. With the Song Dynasty;

④ There are also Meiling in Jiangxi earlier. Its plum blossoms have been opened in mid -January. Speaking of Meiling, I think the little friends are no stranger. Meiling, in the play, is the birthplace that people can never erase in their hearts.

⑤ Meiyuan plum blossoms in Xixi Wetland will be opened one after another from February to March;

⑥ Japanese plum blossoms bloom from late January to February.

The difference between plum blossoms and plums

In daily life, people will mix plum blossoms and plum plums, but they are two different plants. The plums are Ladae, and the plum blossoms are Rosaceae, and their appearance has many different things, such as the color of the flowers, the color of the flowers, the color of the flowers The color of the plum blossoms is mainly yellow, and the color of the plum blossoms is purple -red, pink and white. In the flowering time, the plum is about 2 months earlier than the plum blossom.

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