When is the violet?

When is it seeded?

The time of violet seeds is generally in early August to early October, or it may also be adjusted according to the time of spending, and in February in the greenhouse, it will flow in May; in March, it will flow in June, once in June The class is pushed, but it is sowing in July, and it is necessary to wait until the second year to March to flow in the greenhouse. The seed should not be too dense, otherwise Xiaoyi is easy to loyal to death. If it is used as a two-year cultivation, it can be broadcast in September.


Autumn time

Can’t be too late, sowing Tariae will affect the growth, wintering, flowering quantity and quality of the plant.

Temperature requirements

Highlights, all-day photos, temperature control between 10 ° C -30 ° C, winter temperature should not be less than 5 ° C.

Watering requirements

When planting, it is necessary to pour the potted water. After the broadcast, it should not be placed directly. If the soil is dried, it can be sprayed with a watering can or use the “leaching of the basin” to keep the soil moist. Gilt the water after planting. In the early stage of growth, it should be controlled, keeping the soil at micro-tide, usually poured at 3 to 4 days. The lower the temperature, the less watering. After the ambient temperature is increased, the amount of water is increased.

Fertilization requirements

When planting, the base fertilizer should be applied. Don’t be too much in a time, you have to be thin, otherwise it will be easy to cause planting.

Light ventilation

If the light and ventilation are not sufficient, it is easy to suffer from pests.

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