When is the water ghosta flowers?

Water ghostas flowers

The flower period of the water ghostas is in the summer and autumn season, mainly from July to July. And the circular or annular fruit is followed, and the fruit will be fed when ripe. After flowering, the seed will be seeded, and the seed is a sponge shape, green.

Water ghost fish flower color

The water ghostas sounds a little strange, but it blossoms is a different beauty. In the summer season, a small flower buds broke out, on white flowers, show their elegant.

The flower stems of the water ghostas are flat, the flowers are generally large, the petals are thick, and the wax is covered with wax, which is usually yellow and yellow, and distributed some brown or purple brown spots. The overall is usually a lot of flowers growing on a branch.

Looking carefully, there is a funnel-shaped corolla in the middle of the white flowers, like a fairy skirt, and a white umbrella that is opened. The petals are elongated, and it is very open, like the long legs of the spider, so the water ghostas has a spider spider.

Water ghostas flower: natural beauty

The name of the water ghostas sound is not very beautiful, and it’s not called the spider orchid. It can be a natural color, it is really a bit of people.

Some people say that people who have been blessed by the water ghost banana will have a charm of people who will be difficult to resist, and a lot of advantages have been concentrated. It is a standard million fans. However, it is a pity, that is, someone only understands her appearance, but can’t see her efforts. Will be mistaken by many people to be a charm vase.

The rumor of the water ghostas: the heart of the idle is the source of everything.

Water ghost banana flower picture appreciation

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