When there is an hour of flowering?

Flower period of summer

Summer is a heat-resistant plant, and the two seasons in summer and autumn are the growth of summer and abbreviations. At the same time, it is also a flowering period of summer. Summer will grow up for a long time, usually driven from July to October.

Floral color of summer

Summer will bloom is very strong, the flowering is very special, the shape is a bit like a pig ears, and some like butterflies.

When summer will bloom, flowers to the top or axillary, usually open 2 ~ 3. Listed corolla, dodecan, 5 ribbed wings on the pendulum.

The flowers of summer will be rich, there is purple, pink, pink, dark blue, light blue, deep rose red, blue violet, deep peach red and purple, etc., the throat has yellow spots. The flowers are beautiful, and they will be seeds, and the seeds are small. The mature seeds can also sprout growth.

Summer flower

The flower language of summer is thinking, confused.

In order to miss me; think, but feel confused; youth, the flower is old.

Summer fickle is light, and the flowers are easy and beautiful, delicious, with beautiful and prosperous life, it is blooming in the heart of the sun, such as Mercedes, jumping, flying the elf, to interpret life The brilliant brilliant.

Precautions for summer antiques

Before the flowering of summer, if the plant grows well, there is very little flower buds, supplementing liquid fertilizer for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, fertilizing the time within half a month before flowering.

In the flower period of summer, watering should be decided according to the growth of plants. It is a little more attention to it. When it is blooming, it will not be water in water, and it will keep the soil moist, otherwise the flower period will be shortened. Water is also subject to the situation, and should pay attention to avoiding the strong noon in the sun when watering is watered.

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