When will Africa bloom

When will Africa bloom

When it comes to the flowering time of Africa, cuttings need to be cut into its reproduction. The reproduction of African 殖 is mainly based on sowing and breeding and cutting breeding. Different reproductive methods have a certain difference in flowering time.

From the perspective of sowing reproduction, general African 堇 from sowing to flowering requires about 6 months -8 months. If it is sowing in February in spring, the flowering time is generally in August, but at this time, flowers are less and the growth is poor. If it is sowing Africa in autumn, it is generally better to sow from September -October. It can bloom in the spring of the next year and bloom well.

From the perspective of cuttings, it takes 4 months to start cuttings to flowering to flowering. If Africa is cut from June -July, flowers are generally between October -November. If the African 在 is cutting from September -October, the flowering time is from March of the second year to April.

However, as long as African 堇 is carefully maintained to meet the conditions of flowering, it can generally bloom all year round. You can try to let it bloom all year round.

African Flower Language

The flower language of Africa is lush, eternal and beautiful. Those who like Africa’s heart advocate elegance and holy, but they are also thin and fragile. I hope to have an ideal destination.

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