When will Bai Jingju bloom

How long can Bai Jingju can bloom

How long can Bai Jingju breeding before blooming?

In fact, it does not take a long time for Baijing chrysanthemum flowers. Generally, after the sowing of Bai Jingulu, it will germinate in about 5 days. After growth and development, it can basically bloom when the plant height is 15cm.

This time is about half a year, and Bai Jingju will bloom. However, sometimes it may take a long time. Patient maintenance may usually take 2-3 years. Patience to maintain.

Bai Jingju’s flowering period

Bai Jingju’s flowering period is actually relatively earlier. At the age of flowers, Bai Jingju will generally bloom at the end of the winter, by the beginning of summer. Essence It can be said that Bai Jingju is a very long flower period. Blossoming can be maintained for 2 to 3 months.

Baijing chrysanthemum flowers form

When Bai Jingju blooms, the small fresh flowers are very attractive. There is a small flower on the top of the flower branches. The flowers are not large. They are only two or three cm. Generally, they are pure white petals. The center is bright yellow flower heart, elegant and fresh. After the flowers of Baijing Chrysanthemum will be fruitful, the fruits in the late June will mature.

The planting of white crystal chrysanthemums can create a very good ornamental effect. It can be potted or combined with a combination of breeding. It is also good for flower bed breeding flowers.

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