When will Blue Lan Blossom

The time of blue linen flowers

Blue linen blooms, usually in summer. Its flowering period is between May and July, which belongs to the second -year plant. When blue linsees are blooming, the flowers are opened one after another. Generally, each flower does not continue to be open for a long time, but the whole flower blooms for a long time.

Blue linen flowers are very delicate, generally top or axillary, with 5 petals, the color is blue or light blue.

Blue Lan Flower Period Control

Blue linen is a relatively strong flowering. It has a large amount of flowers. It needs proper fertilization when breeding.

In order to make it better flowering, how long the flower branches are long, and the plant type is full, it is important to discover in time.

Generally, when the small seedlings of Lan Lan grow to 6-10cm, you need to get up once, so how long you can branches. After the first time the first top is about 3-5 weeks, you can make the second topping. At this time The side branches of Lan Lanli are topped, which can promote it again.

If you want to bloom for the second time after the blue linen, then you need to cut off the upper part of the plant and keep the lower part of 15-20cm. This can promote the new branches. In October Essence

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