When will Cuiju bloom

When will Cuiju bloom

Cui Ju and the flowering period are actually associated with the time for sowing.Generally, sowing from March -April, from July -August, it can be blooming.Sowing from August -September, blooming at the end of the year.

In addition, different varieties of Cui chrysanthemum will also affect flowering time with the time of sowing.

The short -sized Cuiju, sowing from February -March, blooming from May to June.Sowing from April -May, blooming from July -August.Sowing in July can bloom during National Day.Sowing in August, after wintering, it can bloom in May Day in the second year.

The medium Cuiju, sowing from May -June, can bloom from August -September.Sowing in August, blooming from May to June in the second year.

The tall green chrysanthemums can be sowed in spring and summer, blooming in autumn.

Cui chrysanthemum opening flower appreciation

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