When will emerald Xilin taro bloom?

The reason why emerald does not bloom

Emerald is a plant that introduced from tropical to the mainland. Originally in a high -temperature and high humidity environment, the emerald can open the color normally, because the climate condition is as important as the plant as the sun. Once you leave a native place, there are naturally many performances that are not suitable.

How can emerald bloom

Plants living in tropical trials must like to have a relatively high an average annual temperature environment, and there is a relatively hidden place that is more suitable for its growth. There is no too much request for light. In addition, everyone should also think that this kind of plant cannot resist the cold temperature, so in the northern winter, it cannot adapt. If the indoor temperature is controlled above ten degrees Celsius, it can spend the cold winter safely, otherwise it will be able to pass the cold winter, otherwise it will be possible. Frozen or even frozen to death.

Emerald flowering specific time

The question about when emerald will open, not just me, I believe that some veterans who have raised flowers for many years can not give everyone an accurate answer, because in the experience of many netizens to support it, different emerald blooming time is blooming time. Different, some people may have never seen flowers for a long time, and some people may be lucky to bloom after long, so everything is a coincidence, there is no accurate answer.

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