When will Jade Leaf Golden Flower Blossom

Jade Leaf Golden Flower Flower Period

The flowering period of jade leaf Jinhua is actually relatively long. Basically, from the beginning of April to mid -June each year, jade leaves Jinhua will bloom one after another. By August, jade leaves Jinhua may continue to bloom.Sometimes the flowering period of Jade Leaf Golden Flowers can grow to about 100 days, which is really long -lasting.


The flowering mechanism of Jade Leaf Golden Flower

The blossoming of jade leaves and golden flowers is always very characteristic. The white sepals are leafy, and the golden yellow flowers are embellished in it. Coupled with green leaves, they are all very interesting, just like golden flowers, reflecting white jade with white jade.The leaves are beautiful.

In fact, the jade leaves in the jade leaves refer to its sepals. Generally, there will be 5 sepals on a jade leaf golden flower, and one of them will become leaves.Golden flowers refer to its golden flower, which is very small.


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