When will laugh when

When will I bloom?

The laughing flower petals is pale yellow, with a purple, flowers in diameter at 2 ~ 3 cm, with rich banana taste, natural flowers in June to May. The same variety of laughs, there is a purple flower, open the purple flowers; the deep mountains smiles, the flowers are white, such as lotus, Ye Tonglan.

I have been laughing and flowering until 4 to May, but if you have a self-twig, you can do it in the three seasons. Although it is not as good as the spring flowers, the fragrance of the flowers is still very rich.


I don’t put it, I am smile, I am a smile, I am very innocent, so I am a smile representing, implining, beautiful, solemn, pure, gim, and interested one. The first summer flowers, the color is ivory. In our country, there is a lotus plant that is familiar with people since ancient times, and its odor is not turned too, and it is deeply loved.


In the Song Dynasty, Lin’an has a couple of couples: Yang Naijing and Li Xiuying. The two talents are overflowing, and they can poet. But after a long time, the Yuan Jun was attacking Linan. When the country broke the family, Yang Nai, who was separated from the dead, picked up the mirror of his wife, and it broke into a number, let his wife and yourself. Say your wife: with your talents. You will be sent to the home, you must live well, if I am lucky, I will sell the lens on the market on the market, in order to break the mirror.

As Yang Nai is expected, the wife is sent into the government of Wang Bo Chao, became a wife. But she miss Yang Nai, and every month will send people to the market to bought the lens. In the past five years, the husband and wife finally reunited.

Two people returned to the hometown, lived with peace and loving life. After 30 years, the 88-year-old husband and wife also tried to Xie Shi at the same time in the same year. Later, I got a tree in the funeral tomb, and the flowers opened were only unlawful. They like smiles, beautiful and unusual, wonderful, this is a laugh.

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