When will Mulan bloom

1. The flowering period of Magnolia

When the Magnolia flowers bloom, the entire tree will hang purple -red flowers. For a moment, people feel comfortable, and the purple -red flowers are like a coquettish lady. The flowering season of Magnolia is from March to May in the early spring season. The joy of joy opened the door of spring. Magnolia is a relatively large tree, full of elegant atmosphere, which is very suitable for gardens and home courtyards. It is worth mentioning that the flowers of Magnolia can be used for medicine. If you want to transplant a wooden orchid, you must be carried out before the spring blooms or after the falling leaves. In the process of transplanting, you must pay attention to the smaller saplings need to be transplanted with soil. Plant with earth balls. If you want to make Magnolia’s lush, you need to fertilize it. The best fertilizer season is from October-November, but when the flowers are sprouting, you must pay attention to fertilization 2-3 times.

Second, Magnolia’s flower language

Knowing the flowering time of Magnolia, what more people want to understand is the flower of Mulan. Magnolia belongs to the small tree, it does not belong to the orchid. When it comes to Magnolia, it will make people think of the heroic Magnolia of the army, and the delicate flowers stand on the branches, which gives people an elegant and fresh feeling instantly, making people can’t help picking up a branch. Essence Its flower language represents the noble soul, so it is also a very good flower for teachers, and it can just express the love of the students for the teacher.

The ancients’ love for Mulan blossoms is involuntary. Those who believe that poetry must also know that Mulanhua is also a nameplate name. Not only does Bai Juyi write poetry for him, but also many literati to write lyrics with Magnolia.

I believe that those who have read this article have a certain understanding of Mulanhua. If you have a courtyard in your family, you might as well plant a wooden orchid, drink tea, tastor wine, and enjoy the moon.

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