When will pear tree results

How long is the pear tree raising the result

A fruit tree is very important.So, how long does pear trees usually raise?

Under normal circumstances, if the newly planted pear tree, if you want to bear results, it takes about 5 years. Some varieties may take shorter time, only 4 years.Generally, pear trees will enter the fruiting period after 6-7 years.

However, if the breeding pear trees are grafted tree seedlings, the fruiting period will be advanced in advance, but the specific time of the result of the pear tree depends on the age of the pear tree plants. Basically, at the age of sufficient age, the pear tree will be the pear tree.Will result.

When will pear tree results

The fruit of the pear trees is usually in the fall of each year, concentrated in September.

The life of the pear trees is very long. Generally, there will be at least 20-30 years, and the longer one will even be more than 100 years, but this requires careful care for pear trees in daily life.

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