When will pear trees bloom

Flowering period

The blooming of pear trees is actually very concentrated. They are all in spring, but it will make the flowering time different because of the different areas and climate.

Its flowering factors have more factors, such as light, temperature, etc., which will affect the flowering time of pear trees.Among them, the effect of temperature can be said to be the biggest.This is mainly reflected in the differences in north and south.

We can grow some rules from the time when pear trees bloom in some areas.Generally, in Sichuan, pear trees will flow around in February. In Hunan, pear trees bloom around March, while the Jilin area, pear trees bloom around May, the difference in flowering period is obvious.

In addition, different styles of varieties lead to different factors that have different flowers of pear trees.Generally, Qiuzi pear flowers are the earliest, while white pears bloom a little later. Sand pear blooms later than white pears, while Western pear flowers are the latest.

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