When will Pokin Lantern bloom?

When will Pokin Lantern bloom?

The natural flowering period of Baolian Lantern is relatively long. Generally from February -August, generally single flowers can last for a long time, about 3-5 months, but with the improvement of breeding technology,Many people can make them bloom all year when they are breeding the treasure lotus lamp.

The flowering period control of Baolian Lantern

When breeding the Lotus Lantern, in order to make it better bloom, it is necessary to make reasonable maintenance.First of all, when breeding the Lotus Lights, watering is needed reasonably, especially in the flowering period of the Lotus Lantern, it must not be too moist, otherwise it will easily lead to its falling flowers.Secondly, it is necessary to cover the yin appropriately and change the pots in spring every spring.

In addition, when breeding Baolian Lantern, if you can keep the appropriate temperature, not too high or too low, then the treasure lotus light can bloom throughout the year.Note that too high temperature or too low will cause the flower buds of Baolian Lantern to be unable to open.

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