When will the beautiful album -cotton blossom

The flower period of beautiful alien kapok

The flowering period of beautiful albumous kapok is in winter. Generally, it blooms in winter. It lasts for a long time. It can last for three months. Single flowers can last for three months.

Under normal circumstances, beautiful alien kapok is a fast -growing plant. If it is sown, it can grow to 1.5 meters a year, and basically grow for about 4-5 years.

Beautiful alien kapok blossom

The flower of the beautiful alien kapok is single, and the color is beautiful pale purple red, but sometimes the colors of flowers on different plants are different, white, yellow, red, pink, and even the same plant also have the same plant. Flowers with different colors. The center of its first was golden, and then turned white. The flower of beautiful alien kapok is generally 5 petals, and the petals are anti -rolled, which is very delicate.

When the beautiful alien kapok blooms, the entire plant is covered with flowers, which is very spectacular and gorgeous.

The beautiful alien kapok will be real after flowering, and the fruit is very large. When it matures, the outer skin will fall off, exposing a cotton -shaped floccope, and you can make a pillow core ~

Beautiful alien kapok flower language

The flower language of the beautiful alien kapok is reluctant.

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