When will the garlic fragrance vine bloom?

The flowering time of garlic vines

The flowering period of garlic vines is actually relatively long, and it can actually bloom many times a year.

The flowering time of garlic vines is mainly from spring to autumn, but the flowering period is the two stages of spring and autumn. In some areas with high temperatures, the four seasons may bloom, but the amount of flowering is relatively small.

Generally, the flowers of garlic vines can be maintained at about 5-7 days.

The flowering mechanism of garlic vines

When the garlic vines bloom, the flowers are purple and very beautiful.

Most of the flowers of garlic vines are axillary, umbrella -shaped inflorescence, and the flowers are a bit like a horn when blooming. The flowers also have the taste of garlic. In fact, the color of garlic vines will change the color when blooming. Although it is purple in general, the color changes are relatively obvious. In the early stages of flowering, the vines were blooming purple flowers, and then gradually turned into pink, and then changed from pink to white until the flowers fell.

Precautions for Fragrant Vine Flowers

When blooming in garlic vines, it is important to note that the plants of garlic vines are generally blooming more with old plants and densely dense.

When breeding garlic and vine, keeping the light is sufficient, it is best to take full -time, otherwise it will bloom sparse. Secondly, after blooming in spring, the whole branch must be made to maintain a good plant type.

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