When will the rose flowers cut pruning

The time of the rose flower trimming

Rose flowers generally need to be trimmed many times a year, so that it can promote more flowers, bloom well, and grow better plants.

Generally, in December of the year, the flowers and leaves of the rose should be carried out once every year. At this time, it is cut, only 15cm of plants, and the diseased branches on the plant should be cut off.

The second is to trim it after flowering.Generally, it has been bloomed for the first time, and it can be trimmed in May.After the second flowering, trimmed in June and July.After blooming for the third time, trimming in August.When the flower buds grow, the flower buds need to be removed in a timely manner, so that it has sufficient nutrients and can bloom in batches.

Precautions for the pruning of rose flowers

The rose flower is very important when trimming in winter. Pay attention to the trimming time too early, and it is easy to germinate when the branches are too early.

When trimming, you should pay attention to what kind of trimming depends on what kind of tree shape you need.Different plant needs, there are different ways of trimming, gently cutting and retraining depends on the needs of the plant.

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