When will Yiphong Blossom?

A red flowering period:

October to April.

This is its normal flowering period. In addition, its flowering period can be modulated, and many flower friends have experimented, and there is no problem at all. Before Flower Encyclopedia, I already introduced “how to control the flowering period of a red”, and I won’t talk about it here.

Maintenance before and after flowering:

Flower bud differentiation: At this time, the suitable temperature of Yiphong must be higher than 15 degrees, otherwise it will seriously affect the growth of its leaves and flowers.

Blossoming stage: The most important thing when blooming is to have a good ventilation environment.

Sunshine: Flower bud differentiation and the bloom of flowers are inseparable from the sun, and it is best to receive sunlight all day. At this time, if there is no abundant sunlight, the color of the flowers is not in the past, and it becomes dull. And it is also easy to provoke diseases and insect pests. If it is placed where the sun cannot be shown for a long time, it will directly lead to a flowering period. If you want to extend the flowering time, the sun is a good helper, at least 8 hours to 9 hours in the sun every day in the sun.

Fertilizer: In the season of flowers, fertilization is required once every 10 to 15 days. When autumn arrives, the fertilization interval is required. About once every week, it should be fertilized every week.

Watering: A red is very anti -drought, but it is not residual, so it must be grasped when watering. After the flowers bloom, the watering should be appropriately reduced, so that the soil should not be too humid or too dry.

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