When you go out to spring, this flower viewing is full, you must bring it with

Welcoming the spring

As the messenger of spring flowers, when the temperature is still a bit cold, a small yellow flower is blooming to bring us the atmosphere of spring.


Forsythia flowers are very similar to Yingchun flowers, but there are four petals and six petals in spring. I do n’t know if the flower friends can distinguish the spring and forsythia?


Magnolia flowers are white and elegant. When the flowers bloom, the trees are full of white flowers, exuding a faint fragrance, and they don’t want to leave when they smell it.

Cherry blossoms

The cherry blossoms are bustling and gorgeous, when the petals fall, like clouds. The flowering period is short, so you must hurry to see the cherry blossoms, otherwise you have to wait for another year.


Since ancient times, Begonia Blossoms have been elegant and vulgar flowers. The flowers bloom gorgeous but not vulgar. Tang in “Yu Tang’s wealth” refers to Begonia flowers. There are many types of begonia flowers. Xifu Begonia, Silk Begonia, Stick Begonia, Papaya Begonia, want to distinguish them, and have more effort.


The bauhinia of the bean family is a tree when it is opened, and the branches are full of branches.


“You say you love clove flowers the most, because your name is it …” Do you know what we are familiar with? Light purple flowers, to the heart -shaped leaves, must be recognized on the weekend.


If you have a yard, if you want to plant some vines, then don’t forget the wisteria. When the flowers bloom, you can’t describe its beauty with amazing ~


Camellia can be opened from October to May of the second year, so if you are lucky, go out to spring, and you still have the opportunity to see the camellia ~


The bright yellow flowers are even more golden against the green leaves. There are single -petal and heavy petals in Xiutang flowers. Do flower friends know it?

Purple Leaf Lee

Purple leaves and leaf leaves are reddish -brown and spring in the green, but a beautiful landscape, the pink white flowers are quite cute. After the flowers, they can grow small plums. It tastes sour.


The graceful and luxurious peony flowers, I believe that everyone is familiar with it. The significant difference between peony is that peony is herbal, and peony is wood.


Although the peony is a herb, it is not lost to the peony at all, and Huahua feels that the peony is less graceful than the peony, which looks more pretty.


The flower of elm is like plum blossoms, and the leaves are similar to the leaves of the elm, so they are called elm. It is also a flower that is full of branches as soon as it is opened, pink, like marshmallow it was eaten as a child.


The brocade flower is a small shrub commonly used in the northern greening. There are two types of red powder. The leaves are dense and the color is gorgeous.


Safflower toileta has poor cold resistance, so it is mostly cultivated in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. When the flowers bloom, the red flowers are full of red flowers, which is very spectacular.


The slurry grass is relatively short, flowers for a long time, and can be used for grass greening. It can also be placed at home, but to ensure sufficient light.

Golden Bell

Golden bells are very strange. Most of them are potted in the family. Freedom flower friends may wish to try a pot.


The fascinating Zi Zizi is beautiful and rich in color. It can not only arrange flower bed flowers and potted plants. Its floral fragrance can stabilize people’s emotions and eliminate fatigue.


Daisy is dense, small and exquisite, and can be opened in early spring. It is also commonly used in gardening flowers in park greening.

Melon chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum period of melon leaves is from January to April. A pot of flowers can watch more than forty days. There are many colors, the flowers are compact and joyful.

Dry golden lotus

The dry golden lotus can bloom all year round under the suitable conditions. A flower can bloom for eight or nine days. The fragrance is very strong, and the beautiful color is even more popular.


The three -color puppet is also called cat face. Like daisy, it is commonly used in gardening flowers in early spring greening. Of course, it can also be used for potted viewing.


The cold and cold resistance is poor. The area south of Beijing can overwinter outdoors, but the flowering period is generally postponed to March and April. The pale yellow scent is full of trees, have you seen it?


Kapok is also the first plant, orange -red flowers, very gorgeous, the plant tall and tall, very masculine.


The puffed trees are blooming with pale purple flowers and have a faint aroma. In the yard of Huahua’s hometown, there is a puffer tree. Every spring flowers bloom every spring, the whole yard is fragrant.


Rhododendron is a provincial flower in many provinces in my country. It is rich in color, but it is most popular with red. It can be used for greening or potted. However, it is important to note that the azalea likes acidic soil. die.


The fragrance of laughter is very strong, and when the buds are enlarged but not yet opened, the smiling flower taste is the most fragrant!


Many flower friends and Chinese locusts cannot be distinguished. Huahua briefly tells everyone that the flower of locust is relatively white, and the Chinese locust is mostly pale green.

Flower hair

The flowers and hair are beautiful and unique, and the compact petals are overlapped, beautiful and beautiful, and the flowering period is for a month. It is also a flower that is often used in garden greening.

Flowers, Huahua will introduce this to everyone

Do you know these flowers?

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