Whether the black mage is suitable for new

Is Black Master suitable for novice?

It should be said that the black mage is the most suitable for new junction, and looks good to see, the most important thing is to stock. Put the black mage in the indoor raising, as long as it is not afraid, it will grow very quickly, but the process of raising the process is still to grasp a degree, and it is easy to support, and the beautiful meat is going to see yourself.

Is Black Master suitable for teachings?

Dwick or stasify, put potted plants outdoors, or delayed the land, this situation is rare, but it can also be. However, during the maintenance process, pay attention to Ye Xin should not strengthen water, especially in summer, sunlight will burn the growth point. (Although the chances of occurrence are not big, the consequences are very serious)

The black mage’s small seedlings are best not to stock, the summer is too hot, it will let Xiao Miaoian will go.

How did the black mage have just bought home?

Generally, the black mage is relatively firing. In addition to the summer, you can take the bas in the next week, you can take the basin. The characteristics of taking the basin is that the leaves are hard, and the leaves are soft.

Black mage can not repair directly on the basin, but pay attention to not wash the root, this is not a good habit, especially in the summer, the specific method of the upper basin is the tide dry species method, and the soil is also equipped with the soil, and the tune is wet. Generally holding a group, the state is the best, Ning does not dry.

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