Whether the fleshy is stuffy or ventilated

Can succulents be stuffy?

When many flower friends are raising flowers, they really like to think about something strange. For example, the succulent plants are stuffy. Many people know that most of the succulent plants are still ventilated.

But think about it carefully, before the succulent was not bought home, it was cultivated in the greenhouse. It was happy and so good -looking. This is not very ventilated. If you use transparent appliances to cover the succulent plants, isn’t it like a small greenhouse, isn’t it stuffy? So many people are willing to try.

In fact, after trying it, everyone will find that in fact, the succulent plants that are so sultry are good!

Succulent plants are actually not suitable for long -term stuffy

Frequent succulents can be sullen, but stuffy can only have time limit. When we are stuffy, it is impossible to cover the transparent gadget forever. It will only work in a short time. It will not work for a long time, and the plants are easily stuffed.

When breeding succulents, you can try to sully support, especially when the succulent plants are about to die, try to save it.

However, the stuffy of succulent plants is not a necessary thing, just try it in a short time.

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