Which common supplies in life can be used as flower fertilizer

Waste oil

The waste oil in the oil storage box of the oil pump can be poured into the soil along the flower pot to make flower fertilizer for f helping, jasmine, and dry lotus.

Peel, vegetable leaf

You can directly bury the peel and leaves into the soil and plant flowers, or you can apply it as fertilizer.

Chinese medicine residue

Traditional Chinese medicine residue is a kind of clean and high -nutritional flower fertilizer. It can improve the soil on the surface of the pot soil and keep the soil moist.

Tao rice water

The rice water contains protein, starch, vitamins, etc. The flowers can be used to make the flowers more lush for flowers. It is best to use it after fermentation.


Eggshells are rich in trace elements such as organic phosphorus, calcium, iron. Wash the eggplant in the eggshell first, dry the eggshell and crush it into powder, and then use it as a base fertilizer.

Green onion skin

Collecting the peeled off-green skin can be applied to the flowers after soaking in 40-50 degrees of hot water for a few days. The onion skin after treatment contains a variety of trace elements, which can promote flower growth.

sesame oil

Many people use mochi water to pour or Orchids, and use sesame oil and water for fertilizer. They can be poured every two weeks in the growing period of orchids.


After making tea, the tea residue can be buried in the lower part of the pot soil. Be careful not to excess. If there are too many, it will burn the root system of the plant.

Metamorphic milk

When using spoiled milk, it is necessary to dilute with water first, otherwise it will burn the root of the flowers and plants.

Mosquito coil ash

Sprinkle mosquito coil ash in the flower pot, which can not only do flower fertilizer, but also prevent pests.


After drinking the beer bottle left, you can use water to shake the flowers, and you can also pour flowers after the beer is diluted.

Water replaced by fish tank

The water in the fish tank has a fish excrement, which is the natural fertilizer of flowers and plants, which are both environmentally friendly and conservative.


Put the leftover bones in a high -pressure cooker and steam it for half an hour. After mixed it into powder, mix it with the river sand and make flower base fertilizer. This bone meal contains high nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content, which is conducive to flowering and flowering.

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