Which hybrid varieties have stars?

Star Beauty + Guanghan Palace = Frost

The frost is made by the star beauty and the cold palace. Well warm, sufficient light, dry and ventilated, more drought, no cold, and strong adaptability. The blades indicate a thick white powder. This layer of thick white powder is perfect for the benefit of the music.

Star Beauty + Flower Night = Millas King

The variety of Millas king has several significant features, first of all, it is characterized by long heads, it is easy to form old pile. In addition, the formation of the old pile can be accelerated by the leaves under the abovement.

In addition, the species of Madas king is particularly proneing, which can be either vaporized by the leaves, or by natural variability.

Star Beauty + Lindai = Perfume

Perfume is called rice field Ji in Japan, and it is not a variety with rice fields in China. Perfume is also called new perfume, Elan, is the perfect combination of Linday and Star Beauty. With the exquisiteness of star, there is a small, plant form, and the plants.

Star Beauty + Quiet Night = Miller

The variety of star beauty is a lot of hybrid parents, which can fully reflect the advantages of motherhood, and do not let the parent’s qualities, Miller’s form, is a complete embodiment of star beauty and quiet night.

Star Beauty + Qianfo Hand = Ray Candy

I didn’t expect the star beauty and the thousand Buddha’s hybrid breed with such a beautiful and sweet name, commonly known as candy beauty. The little is slightly, the shape of the blade is like fruit sugar, which makes people create a silky sweetness.

Star Beauty + Dahe Jin = Pula

Pula is the direct translation of Italian. Pula’s body, the character of Star Beauty is not very obvious, only to explain, big and Jinki is powerful!

Star Beauty + Chrysanthemum Day and = Anneta

Star Beauty and Chrysanthemum Day and Hybrids, in colors, the day and accounting for upper wind, and the shape of the blade is extremely strong.

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