Which plants can purify the air?Raising a pot of air purifier is saved!

Sanwei Kwai

The scattered sunflower leaves look like palm leaves, with ever -green seasons and dense branches. Not only is it very viewing value, but it can also absorb the second matter and formaldehyde in the home. Raising a pot of loose tail sunflowers, the home is immediately beautiful and clean.

▷ Key points for maintenance:

① Sanwei Kwai likes sufficient sunlight and is also resistant to half -shade. It is usually maintained in the scattered light environment.

② Usually keep the pot soil slightly wet. If the room is dry, spray water around the plant to keep the air humid.

Rubber tree

The leaves of the rubber tree are very thick, the color is dark green, and the page has small fluff, which can adsorb the dust in the air and the harmful gases such as carbon monoxide.

▷ Key points for maintenance:

1. The rubber tree does not like direct sunlight, it is best to maintain it in the astigmatism environment. The living room and the north balcony are very good choices ~

2. It is a humid environment that needs to keep the soil moist, pour water once a week, and once every 2 weeks in winter.


Turtle Bamboo is the first choice for small fresh plants. It not only makes the home vibrant, but also fresh air, such as purifying carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. In addition, it can also release more oxygen ~

▷ Key points for maintenance:

① I like the environment of scattered light, and it is also very shade -resistant. It is very suitable for placing indoors or north balconies.

② Wet and moist, watering once 3 to 5 days, you need to spray water on the leaves and the surrounding ground every day to increase the humidity of the air.

③ Generally, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can be applied to make the stems stout and stronger.


Tiger Pi Lan looks strange and not good -looking, but it is simply used to decorate the room, which instantly improves the face value of the house. In addition, Tiger Pilan can also absorb harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide in the air.

▷ Key points for maintenance:

① Tiger Pilan likes the sun and is also resistant to semi -yin. It can usually be kept indoors. Occasionally, let it go to the balcony to bask in the sun, and the color will look better.

② Tiger Piran is most afraid of rotten roots, so watering does not need to be very frequent, pay attention to drying through. In addition, do not sprinkle the plants to avoid rotten heart.


Aloe vera is a very popular beauty sacred product, a must -have in the home of beautiful flower friends. Aloe vera is treated with beauty and beauty. Purifying the air is also a small expert. 90%of the formaldehyde within 1 cubic meter can easily get it.

▷ Key points for maintenance:

① Aloe vera likes sufficient sunshine. It is usually maintained on the south balcony and can also be placed near the south window, but pay attention to opening windows and ventilation.

② Aloe vera is called “drought -not -dead plant”, so watering does not require too much watering, but if it is not watering for too long, aloe will become thin and thin. Generally once 7-10 days.

Iron wire fern

The iron line fern leaves are small and dense. They are layered layer by layer, with fan -shaped and small feathers. It can also purify the formaldehyde in the air, which is simply a small plant “purifier”.

▷ Key points for maintenance:

① The iron wire fern is overcast. To avoid direct sunlight, you can keep it indoors or north balcony.

② The iron wire fern is wet, and water is poured once every 3-5 days to keep the soil moist. Spray water on the leaves to avoid dryness.


Green Luo will be raised almost every family. Its leaves are full of green seasons and are very ornamental. It can also purify the harmful gases of benzene, formaldehyde, and vinyl chloride.

▷ Key points for maintenance:

① Green Luo likes a cool and ventilated environment. It can grow well in the indoor astigmatism environment.

② The moist environment is more suitable for the growth of the green dill. Watering once every 3-5 days, but do not accumulate water to prevent rotten roots.

White crane taro

In addition to the high ornamental value of the white crane taro, it can also bloom good -looking white flowers. It can absorb the exhaust gas exhaled from the human body, such as ammonia and acetone, and can also purify the benzene, formaldehyde, and vinyl chloride in the air.

▷ Key points for maintenance:

① White crane taro is more afraid of direct light, and can usually be maintained in the astigmatism environment, but if the sunshine is insufficient for a long time, it will not easily bloom, so when the sun is not strong, you can expose it.

② The blade of the white crane taro is large, and the water requirements are relatively high. When the air is dry, spray water to the leaves, and usually water it every 3-5 days.


The evergreen of the 4th seasons of Ivy is a very ideal indoor flower. It can be used to decorate and green, and it can also increase oxygen, reduce dust, and weaken noise. Nicotine, which usually smokes, can also effectively absorb.

▷ Key points for maintenance:

① It is suitable for the maintenance of astigmatism environment.

② The surface of the pot soil can be watered. Usually spray water around the plant to keep the air moist.

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