White chisel

How to kind on the balcony

Sowing season: all in the seasons

Spring and Autumn Festival is the best season of planting small leaves, but in summer can also grow. Winter is heating faders can also grow.

Small chisels can hit the spark on the tip of the tongue in any season, so I will leave the balcony to leave a corner and enjoy the delicious taste of the season.

Potter Choice: Flower Potted Soil Fertile

Potted pots of small chisels can be selected, but there are several small holes that can leak water in the bottom of these pots, so that excess water can be discharged smoothly.

The soil should choose loose fertile and put water on the day before sowing. Some of the salad can be mixed in the soil.

Planting method: seed

Soil the licking on the onion for 20 minutes before sowing, and then dried.

Family planting considerations

Transplanting method

It can be planted in 40 days or so. If the small chisel is growing fast, it is found that it is very crowded in the basin or it can be transferred in advance.

It is also necessary to pour water in advance. Dig 4-6 cm in the soil surface, select a good onion seedling, embedded in the holes, gently compact, cover the moist strain, gently shoot flat pressure, pour point water.

Eating method

The onion and green onion leaves of the chives can be taken, but it is recommended that everyone else, just pull the blades, do not rise, so that small leaves can continue to grow, continue to make leaves, there is no kind The rich feelings.

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