White crystal nutrau method and precautions

Bai Tia’s farming method

Soil choice

White crystal chrysanthemum is not strict, and many plants are very strong, but this is naturally in the natural state, once the family potted planting, it is necessary to say that fertile, loose, moist sand soil. The soil’s breathability must be better, in the growth process of white crystal chrysanthemum, to ensure that the soil is moist and not accumulated.

Light and temperature requirements

White cryptile likes sunshine but relatively cool, sunshine will affect blossoms, causing flowers to wither in advance. Family maintenance, put it in the south to the balcony!

White crystal chrysanthemum is cold, but does not resist high temperature, the most suitable temperature is 15 ~ 25 ° C, lower than -5 ° C can be safe and winter, higher than 30 ° C, plant plants grow poorly. So in winter, the temperature should be controlled at 0 ° C or more. If the environment is less than -5 ° C, the leaves will be frozen, dry yellow, but as the temperature increases, it will gradually recover, it does not affect growth. The summer temperature is high, it will speed up the flower of flowers, to place it in a cool ventilation, can extend the flowering period.

Water, fertilizer requirements

White cemetery is the most critical, because the white crystal chrysanthemum is longer, from the winter until summer, the flowers can be blooming in summer, and the flowers are in May to May, and greater nutrients are required during this period. Flower in a period of 20 ~ 30 days, and the growth period is grainted every half a month. Do not be too frequent, 7 ~ 10 days, keep the soil moist.

White crystal nutrient payment

Prevention and treatment

Common diseases have leaf spot, stem rot, and can be sprayed with 65% Sen Zinc wettable powder. Pests have blind and dive floral hazards, and 25% Siwi wettable powder can be used in killer.

Timely plant

Spring and autumn is most suitable. Hot or cold winter, it is best to plant indoors. If the indoor temperature is below 15 or above 35 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to wait patiently to start planting.

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