White flower and garlic breeding method

White flower and garlic breeding method


White flower and garlic are suitable for cultivation in flat ground. The suitable temperature for growth is between 15-25 degrees. It is more suitable for planting in the north. It is best to plant in winter and spring.


White -flowering lomar garlic likes to grow in an environment with sufficient light. It can grow under the conditions of full -day or half -sunlight. When the light is insufficient, the plant will bloom poorly.


White flower and garlic are not high in the soil, but it is best to grow in sandy loam or soil rich in humus and drainage, which can make the plant flowers lush and more beautiful.


Before planting white flowers and garlic can be buried in full organic fertilizer, and then picked up every two months.Fertilization can be poured with homemade rotten. Pay attention to the proportion of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, so as to effectively promote the development and flowering of the roots.


After the plant cultivation, water should be poured. During the growth period, watering should be watered frequently to keep the soil moist, but water cannot be accumulated to prevent the fluid water from rotting.When the surface of the soil is dry and gray white, it means to replenish water in time, and sufficient water must be provided before flowering to flowering.

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