White flower ligament family farming and maintenance skills

White flower ligament family farming method


The potte soil requires loose breathable, good drainage property, and has a certain particle size, can be used in humish or larcoal, 3 parts of coarse sand or vermiculum, and incorporate small amount of bone flour and other slag materials, or red jade soilMaterials.

Illumination treatment

Baihua Duan Jin original produced South African desert zone, in April, in April in September, the top branches at the top of the root stem began to be long, which can be placed in sunshine.

Water fertilization

Watering masters “Do not do not poured, pouring the flow of pouring” to avoid soil water to avoid rumor.

Because of its slow growth, there is not much numerical nutrient, and it is generally not necessary to fertilize.

Precautions in Baihua Tangjin

Pay attention to ventilation in the summer, avoiding rotten roots due to stuffing.

Change the basin transfer to sleep during the white flower tough, the initial growth of growth, this time transplanting, the root of it is not big, allowing it to continue to grow well.

Avoid water, affecting growth, and it is easy to rotten.

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