White palm flower and symbol

White palm

Flowers of white palm flowers: a smooth sailing.

White impels are long or close, both ends with tip, base wedge. The flower is a Buddha, the flavor, the leaves, that is, its flower and no petals, just consisting of a white bracts and a yellow white meat, it is like palms, so the famous white palm; its flowers are significant Leaf, white, white or green, but also known as white, and flat.

The white palm is like the leaves, the flowers are like a crane, the slim, flowers white, so it is deemed to be “innocent flowers” with “pure and calm, peaceful Andeai”. In our country, there is a kind of auspicious meaning in my country, and the image of its flowers is “a smooth sailing”. The meaning is smooth and safe. Suitable for potted, decorative living room, corridor, window sill, study bedroom, bathroom, etc.

White palm

Beautiful, Gao Jie, Xian De, warm, friendship, self-confidence, and proud.

Everyone sent flowers containing some meaning, while white palm color cleaning is often used as cutting, and gives relatives and friends. It is a holiday blessing between friends, express a good wishes, or a small pot of home, the office, shows the master’s confident attitude.

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