Who can buy food now, they are planted at home, health, safety, pollution, no pollution


Flower Flower Encyclopedia 1. Select planting

Choose healthy and full peanuts. Note that it is raw peanuts.

2. Put the selected seeds in warm water at 20 ° C for 1-2 days, and then wash them with water. 3. Select a flower pot for planting. Do not be too large. The part of the peanuts, that is, the pointed place facing up, buried in the soil for 2 ~ 3cm. 4, germination

Keep the temperature from 20 ~ 30 degrees, about 2 to 3 days, peanuts can grow new buds!

(Source: Sina Blog) 5. After the true leaves of peanuts such as growth grow, you can move to a good place for light. Note that you should put it in a good ventilation place ~ 6. Flower results

The growth rate of peanuts is relatively fast. After a few months, you can eat your own peanuts!


Flower Flower Encyclopedia 1. Select planting

Choose the potatoes that have germinated and cut the potatoes to germinate.

2. Planting potatoes one by one in the soil. 3. Cover the soil

Buried another layer of soil to cover the height of potatoes.

4. After about 10 days of watering, it can germinate ~ 5. Daily maintenance and daily sun exposure to the sun. 6. Get potatoes

After about 2 to 3 months, you can harvest potatoes!


Flower Flower 1. Prepare radish seeds to pay attention to buying the date when buying, it is best to choose the seeds of the year.

If your own flower pots are relatively small and shallow, you can choose small radish, such as cherry radish, fruit radish. If the flower pot is relatively large, it is deeper, then you can plant large radishes!

2. Prepare the soil to prepare the soil, the general garden soil+coarse sand is sufficient. 3. Pay attention when sowing, try to avoid seedlings as much as possible to avoid seedlings, because radish is not resistant to transplanting, and it grows super slow after transplanting. Sprinkle a thin layer of soil after sowing, and then pour water along the pot. 4, germination

About 1 week, the seeds planted can germinate ~

5. After the seedlings and other seedlings are long for a long time, if the seedlings in the flower pot grow very dense, you need to manually perform the inter -seedlings, and the kind of weak growth can be taken out to eat! 6. Daily maintenance

Radish should be planted in Nanda, because the sun is sufficient, and the watering must be sufficient. Basically, you can see dry and wet ~

7. Reception

You can be a thin beancake water once a month, and only the fertilizer is sufficient, and the radish will grow strong!

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