Why does it bloom at night at night

Blossom at night

Although most plants are blooming during the day, there are many exceptions, such as night fragrant, it is a plant that blooms at night.

Nighting incense blooms at night, which is actually a habit that has been inherited for a long time. At night, Ye Laixiang will emit a burst of aroma to attract moths to spread powder. This is a adaptation of the environment in Yelaixiang.

The petals of the night are very unique, and it has obvious differences with the petals of other plants. There is a pores on the petals of the night in the night. This pores have a characteristic that when the air humidity increases, the pores will be widely opened. Rich.

In addition, the flowers of the night incense not only emit aroma at night, but also have aroma on rainy days.

Why bloom at night

Why does the night incense bloom at night? This is actually related to its origin.

Yelaixiang was originally growing in the subtropical region. According to the growth habit of Ye Laixiang, it requires flying insects to help paste. However, the subtropical region is very high during the day, and the flyworms are rarely moved. They will come out for food at night. In order to better spread the powder, it will bloom at night, and it exudes aroma and attracts flying worms. After a long period of reproduction, it develops the habit of blooming at night.

Nighting incense is usually blooming at 8-10 in the evening. At this time, the temperature is very suitable.

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