Why does the cactus be stabbing


To our opinion, the stabbing of the cactus that may not be meaningless is of great significance to the cactus itself. It is a product of the protection mechanism to adapt to the harsh climate.

Under normal circumstances, most of the moisture drawn from the plant consumes the steaming effect. According to scientists, 99 grams of water perbspin 99 grams of water due to the steaming effect. Only 1 gram is stored in the plant body. The leaves are the main ones. For the steaming part, the water is lost from here. The larger the leaves, the faster the evaporation.

Therefore, in order to survive in the cool drought, retain as much water as much as possible, and after a long period of evolution, the leaves of the cactus have gradually evolved to adapt to This kind of evolution has fundamentally reduced the steaming surface of the plant, saved a lot of water consumption, and greatly improved the survivability of the cactus in a severe water shortage area. The very dense thorns we see actually belong to the leaf of the cactus.


At this stage, the thorns of many cactus have become other forms, and some have become white hairs. Wearing the surface of the plant can reflect strong light and reduce the temperature of the body surface. Loss can make a large amount of water stored in the plants. In addition, the number, shape, arrangement, color, etc. of cactus stabs have diverse, which not only has unique ornamentality, but also has become a major basis for us to identify the type of cactus.

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