Why does the glory change color

The colors of the glory of the glory

The reason why the glory can have so many colors is that they have many types. There are about 60 kinds of glory. There are common cracks and glory, with obvious three cracks on the leaves, and their colors are blue, rose red or white. There are also round leaves, the leaves are heart -shaped, as well as white, rose or blue. In addition, people have cultivated a number of varieties such as Dahua Morning.

The reason why the glory is discolored

We often see different glory of glory, sometimes not because of their different types, but because they often change colors. The blue glory is sometimes purple and sometimes pink. The reason is that there is a pigment in the glory flower. This pigment encounters different liquids to produce color changes.

Professional reports stated that the discoloration of the glory is also affected by the changes in metal ions in plants and changes in the pH of cell liquid bubbles. Some colors, such as purple, may also be caused by genetic defects. In addition, in addition to glory, rose flowers and beautiful bananas have this characteristic. They have different pigments in their bodies, and color changes are colorful. Therefore, the magical plant of the glory flower has bright colors and diverse changes. It is indeed worth watching.

The above is the introduction of our common but unique glory. I hope that the little glory can also add more color to our lives.

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