Why is it always muddy?

Why does the breeding bowl lotus always become muddy

In fact, the phenomenon of water becomes muddy is mostly related to the soil used when breeding bowl lotus. When many flower friends are breeding bowl lotus, the soil used is garden soil or nutritional soil. It has not been fully stirred, and there are some organic matter that have not been decomposed by such soil. Gradually fertilizer will cause the water to become more and more muddy.

How can we raise water for breeding bowls?

In fact, many flower friends of breeding bowls can find that when breeding bowl lotus, if the pond mud is used as soil, this phenomenon rarely occurs, and the water is basically clear. Therefore, if you have a bowl of lotus, if you have that condition, it is best to use pond mud to make soils to proper water quality.

If you want to use garden soil to cultivate bowl lotus, when planting bowl lotus, pay attention to stiring the soil hard with small wooden sticks, keep stirring, and the finer the better. After the soil is precipitated, the water will be clear. Essence

Secondly, when using the garden soil, sprinkle sand on the surface, pay attention to divide it into several times, sprinkle each time, and wait until the sand is precipitated. However, when using sand, you must clean it beforehand.

Also, you can soak the soil for a few days and stir it a few more times before using it. Try the impurities in the soil as much as possible.

When adding water to the bowl, you should also pay attention. Do not irrigate the flower pot directly. You can slowly add water to the inside slightly, which is not so easy to become muddy.

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