Will Blue Shilian flowers die?

When does Blue Stone blossom?

First, only the blue stone lotus will flow, the seedling period cannot be blooming.

In addition, flowers are also related to the maintenance environment, and the environment is suitable for flowering, including a lucky component.

There is no specific month limit, usually in the summer.

Will Blue Shilian flowers die?

Blue stone lotus flowers will not die.

However, Blue Shilian will slowly wither the old leaves in the late flowering period, and many faders are worried that they will slowly die, and whether they want to cut the flower arrow.In fact, these concerns are extra.

Blue Shilian will not be the same as the sorghum of Wafang, such as Wafang, will die, and the plants of Shilian will provide nutrients when flowering, so the old leaves will slowly wither.After the old leaves are withered, the new leaves will grow slowly, and the plants can be updated, but it is a good thing!

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Blue stone blossom picture

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