Will the ball dying? Will it die?

Pine blooming

The ball pine will bloom, and it is usually in spring. When blooming, the flowers are small, and the color is mainly yellow, showing the shape of the stars.

The small yellow flowers of the ball are actually relatively beautiful, but the ball pine is mainly fleshy with leaves and observation. The ornamental of the flowers is not high.

Will the ball dying? Will it die?

The ball is blossoming, and many people will consider such a question. Will the ball pine flowers die?

In fact, the ball pine flowers will not die. However, many people still don’t like the flowers of the ball.

First of all, the ball pine flowers do not have high ornamental value; second, the ball will consume a lot of nutrients when blooming, leading to dry branches and leaves; in addition, after the ball blooms, the plant will deformed and loses the ornamental. Based on the above points, when the ball blooms, everyone will still take measures to reduce the adverse effects of the ball loose flowers.

What should I do if the ball is loose?

After the ball blooms, it is best to cut the flowers, mainly to cut the flowering part in time, so as to reduce the nutritional consumption. However, when cutting the flowering part of the ball, pay attention to the disinfection of the incision to avoid being infected.

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