Will the dwarf cows be for their own seeds?

Will the dwarf cows be tied for seeds?

Dwarf cows can knotted seeds, but you need to pay attention to two points when knotting seeds. One is that although the dwarf cow can be knotted, the seeds are actually defective. This defect is mainly manifested on the degeneration of the variety. The second one is that when breeding dwarf cattle, the dwarfed glory of the petals is difficult to conclude seeds, and it can be said that it cannot be concluded.

Can the dwarf cow can knot the seeds on their own?

If this dwarf is to knot the seeds on its own, it is actually more difficult. Basically, only during the blooming flower of the dwarf glory, artificial pollination is performed, and the dwarf cow will end more seeds.

When the dwarf cattle blooms, basically each flower can be bloomed for 1 week, and the pollination can be performed when the stamens begin. Generally, after 2-3 days of flowering. When artificial pollination, you can use cotton swab to spread powder on the flowers in the early morning. When the powder is passed, the dwarf cattle of each variety need to be passed alone, but you can also try cross -spreading powder between different varieties, and you may be able to produce new varieties.

After the powder is passed, the dwarf cows will make many seeds.

Precautions for Dwarf Morning Cattle Seeds

After the dwarf glory is pollinated, the seeds will be tied to the flower heart after the flowers. Generally, the seeds can be picked when they are mature, but pay attention to picking it in time. Essence

Although the seeds of the dwarf glory will degenerate, as long as they are carefully maintained, the difference will not be very huge. Some varieties can still maintain some excellent characteristics.

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