Will the horse are flowering?

Is the horse to flow?

The cultivation varieties of the horsluces are classified from the viewing angle, which can generally be divided into two series of viewing leaves and viewing.

The leaf series is divided into three series of red leaf series, safflower series and green leaf series by leaf color.

The viewing series can be divided into two major series of safflowers and white flowers. The red leaf series is red as flameless; the flowers of the flower leaves are colorful; the green leaf series is green.

Whether it is a horslu plant in the viewing leaf series or a horse drunk wood, it will bloom, but it is a lot of flowers, and the safflower of the leaf series can only be accompanied by green leaves.


The horse drunk wood fell in March, lastned to early May. During the flowering period, the overall flower like a bell-shaped white flower is like a new and elegant flow of clouds, and it is very attractive.

Mahazzaral wood flower form

In the holiday season, the saff flower is full of branches, passionate; the white flower series is like a new and elegant flow of clouds.

At the same time, the leaves of most of the horslucens cultivation varies with the new and old ages of the leaves, so they will have red, pink, green, green, green, etc. in the same period, color gorgeous, very rich.

Many varieties are extremely tight, and the leaves are lighter, which is easy to shape a variety of shapes.

Appreciation of the picture of the horse

A string of flowers, hanging on the branches like a bell, densely numb squeezed, so that spring is very lively.

The flowers on the flowers crystal clear, and the Buddha can see the clear and clear heart.

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