Will the mountain rose flowers die?

Is the mountain rose blossoming?

Mountain roses will flow.

The flowers of the mountain roses are in the spring to the early summer, the total appearance is yellow.

Do you die after the mountain rose is blooming?

The mountain rose is blooming, and the mother strain will gradually wither the seeds, but the base will have a tender bud.

So some extent, you can say that the mountain rose will die after flowering, and the mountain roses can only be hybridized.

How to avoid flowering in the mountain rose

The way to avoid mountain roses is usually chopped.

Cut the branches as much as possible, the more down, the larger the chance of normal lateral buds, the larger the above effect is not large.

After cutting out the flower arrow, if the root is developed, the maintenance is treated, and the new lateral buds will be given about two weeks.

But if you have a new lateral bud, it is necessary to continue to cut until normal side buds.

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