Will the Santa Treasay will die?

Chiyoda Songhua Period

The Songhua Period of the Chiyoda is the summer early in the Spring, from growing the stalks to flowering, almost three months.The stalks can be as long as 30 cm.


The Songsian Songs in Chiyoda is very long, and people have the joy of “a red apricot out”.Flower bell, string, flowers five petals, flowers, red, petals, color matching.

Will the Song Dynasty Songsheng will die?

Chiyoda’s pessure from growing to the flower stem to flowering, it is a long time, this is a cost of nutrient.

Therefore, there will be that there will be that the flowers are worried that the flowers and thousands of days are rumored.

But don’t worry, I will bloom in the Qianyoda, just affect the shape of the blade, the blade is not so full of green, a bit of vicissitudes, will not die.

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