Will Yinxing will die?

Silver star blossoms?

Silver Star often flowers in the spring, and the leaves are extended upwards to extract the inflorescence.

The flowers of the silver star have 5 petals, petals color is pink, some are white, non-full, very beautiful.After the silver star is blooming, the seeds generally do not harvest seeds, and it is necessary to laulish.

Will Yinxing will die?

There is a saying that the leaf disc will gradually wither after flowering, will die.But some people confirm that silver stars will not die after flowering, and grow healthily.

Therefore, it can be assumed that silver stars will not die after flowering, but because the silver star consumes a lot of self-nutrition, the flowers are reunited after a nutrient, leading to the recession of the plant, dear death.

Silver Star is blooming to destroy the shape?

There is also a saying that the silver star will affect its appearance.

When the silver star blossoms, the flowers from the rod-shaped leaf disk center, which protects the leaf plate, so that its shape is not destroyed. When pulling the moss, it is necessary to cut it in time, and the normal growth of the leaf disc can be maintained.

Silver star blossom picture appreciation

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