Will Yuluda will die?

<H2 jade dew is blooming, look good

Yushen is blooming, but Yu Yu is not a flower plant, and the flowers are not good.

Will the jade dew will die after flowering?

Many faders feel that they will die after flowering, so they often get rid of the flowers. But in fact, death after flowering, just some of the meat.

After the jade dew is blooming, it will not die, but when Yu Lu is blooming, it will consume nutrients, causing the blade to appear “malnutrition”.

So most of the faders will choose to lose the branches, but there are also faders who want to collect seeds. It is necessary to tell Huayou that jade dew requires a different plant to pollination.

Yushen blossom is good or bad

What is Yudo blossoming is good? Because some people worry that the jade dew will die. In fact, it will not die after the jade exposes.

Yu Lu is the 12th volume of the Lily, which will cost it, so take care of it. It should pay attention to nutrient problems, we must fully guarantee the feet, so that it can be good at the same time.

Because the daily value of jade dew is not high, if you do not leave, you can unplug the flower, so as not to consume too much nutrient. It should be noted that there should be that the flower should be cut with scissors, and you have to remove it with your hand, so you can avoid the residual infarction between the leaves, which has adversely affects the growth of new leaves.

So, if you think that Yuudai is not happy, you will kill it in the cradle. If you want to collect seeds, you will be difficult to watch this less beautiful jade flower!

</ h2 jade kick flowers, look good

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