Winter balcony is not lonely, a vine is saving spring

Many flowers are not bloom in winter, and those who love the people’s windowsill are a little depression, but how can people who love their lives? Winter is raised in the balcony, winter is also a spring.


Ivy leaf is beautiful, and the four seasons are often green. In order to make the balcony full of green, I want to choose such a long-lasting ivy as a decoration. There is no flowers in a timely winter, and it is also very happy.

Ironline lotus

The ironline is strong, and the aquaculture in the home is rarely caused seriously. The ironline lotus is strong, anti-pollution, strong adaptability and has a certain angry resistance, even if there is no light on the balcony, even if there is no light on the balcony.

The family can hang a hanging hang on the wall greening, and the iron line lotus of the branches is 1m into a fence fence, placed on the fence of the balcony, with color adjustment type and rose, can bring people Where the losses are effective.

Rock flower

The rapid growth rate is very fast, and there are different surprises every day, and you will be satisfied. But it is difficult to say that you can get a long winter, try to put it in warm and a little place.

Plum blossom

Speaking of how to get less in winter, the fragrance of the Lamai flower is very cured, and there is a bit sweet in the taste, and the flowers of the Lamai flowers are exquisite, and the yellow is very bright and bright. They will give the winter balcony to bring bright. fragrance.

winter jasmine

Welcome spring flowers are not only the color of the color, the temperament is extraordinary, there is not afraid of cold, no wind, adaptability, more good, so winter uses the spring flowers to report the spring!

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