Winter beauty breeding methods and precautions

Breeding methods and precautions

Breeding method

Breeding: Generally, the winter beauty has two ways to breed two ways to cut. Let’s talk about the simple leaf insertion today. First take out its leaves, put it in a cool place for a few days, and then transplant it into the flower pot.

Soil: Winter Beauty prevails soil with loose soil and good drainage. It is recommended to use perlite, peat and slag 1: 1 to mix. Above the soil can put an appropriate amount of river sand and small floating stones.

Water: Winter Beauty is more happy, so it is best to water it after watering the surface of the soil. Moderate water dehydration does not affect its growth.

Pruning: After a period of growing up, its dryness will be excessively increased, which will affect the aesthetics. At this time, beheading can be carried out. The cutting leaves can be used for reproduction, and it will also promote the growth of the side buds to make it look better.


It is more humid and humid in summer. Be sure to do a good job of ventilation to reduce the amount and frequency of watering. When the temperature in winter is below 5 degrees, the water must be reduced. The temperature must be ensured when the temperature is below zero. Fertilize once a month during the growth period.

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