Wire fern breeding method and precautions

Soil choice

Iron ferns like loose, fertile lime soil, family can be adopted: garden land + rot leave soil + sand, mixed according to the ratio of 4: 5: 1. If you want the iron wire fern, you can spill 点 点 in the basin, increase the calcium.

Fertilization method

Iron fern fertilizer, but the demand for fertilizers is not large. Spring, Summer, for its growth season, 30 days of thin liquid fertilizer. The ferrous sulfate solution can be watered 2 to 3 times a month.

Be careful to supplement calcium fertilizers, so that the long-term growth of the wire fern is better.

Summer is high, try to reduce fertilization. The temperature in autumn gradually decreases, mid-October, gradually stopped.

Pay attention to fertilization, apply the fine mouth watering can to slowly, do not let the fertilizer stained with the blade, otherwise it will burn the blade, affect the ornamental effect.

Watering method

Iron fern likes to warm, half-shaped environment, water is poured once a day, the summer is more hot, and the water is poured every morning and evening, and the water is sprinkled around the leaves and the water, improve the air humidity, and keep the leaf green. If there is no one in the home, you can put the flower pot on the wet sand table, make up the water, water for 2 ~ 3 days.

When the autumn, winter and spring are low, the basin soil should be moist, and the surface of the pot soil can not be dried.

Illumination requirements

Although the iron wire fern is a gloomy plant, it takes a certain light in the growth season. In indoor maintenance, it is best to be placed on the balcony in the east or north, and its light level is more ideal. Summer is needed to cover up, so that light is appropriate in the morning and evening, and the light is too strong to make the iron wire fern blades. If you are cultivated on the outdoor balcony, you need to cover up in the four seasons, so as to avoid yellowing.

Temperature requirements

The iron wire fern is grown at 15 to 20 ° C, and the temperature in winter is not less than 5 ° C. In the summer, if the temperature is too high, it is necessary to spray the plants daily, increase air humidity, cool down.


Iron ferns should be planted in the spring or flipped the pot. Be careful not to hurt the roots when you change the pot, avoid wind blowing, replace half of the new soil. Keep the pot soil moist and suitable air humidity after switching the basin.

Since the blade of the iron wire is growing fast, in the growth season, the regular squeezed part of some old leaves. When the blade is over-demonstrated, the iron wire fern not only lost its elegant form, but the new leaves of their internal growth will die because of the lack of illumination, it is easy to form hollow phenomenon, which must be trimmed in time.

During the maintenance process, the iron wire fern should be cut out in time to keep the plants fresh and beautiful, and it is conducive to germination of new leaves.

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