With these ten kinds of flowers, the aroma is full of home!


Narcissus flowers are more common flowers, 6 small petals, yellow embellishments in the middle, and new green leaves, which gives people a fresh and elegant feeling. Its floral fragrance is strong.


Daisy and types are very different, and different types of different types give people different feelings. There are many flowers in the flowers. The taste emitted is faint. It is not very strong, it seems that there is nothing, but there is another beauty.

Come to a pair

It is also very good to watch by the charming. The individual varieties have a strong aroma, and some of them are lingering aromas. You can choose your favorite taste to choose to grow a charity.


The aroma of gardenia flowers is very special, but it is not specifically not specifically. The small petals are very loved by the accompaniment of the green leaves.


There are many people who like mountain camellia. There are many colors of camellia, and the colors are changeable. In addition to solid colors, there are even flowers with patterns. Some camellia has a faint aroma and smells good.


The color of the petals of longevity flowers will gradually change with growth. The petals are small and clever, very beautiful, and the flowering period is long, so it is loved by everyone. With the fragrance of fragrance, it is very charming.


Lily variety, and some can even be used. Its aroma has been said by Chinese medicine: Lily’s aroma can play a role in soothing. It can be imagined how well it smells; both eye -catching and peace of mind. It is a preferred choice for home furnishings.


Jasmine’s aroma has a special effect, which will make people feel comfortable after smelling. Its flowers have 5 petals and 3 petals. It is also very suitable for potted plants.


The aroma of the rose is very strong, but it smells good. The flowers are large and loved by many flower friends. One of the most popular family flowers.


Most of the flowers of Begonia are pink, and the aroma of some begonia is fragrant. It is also the first choice for home furnishings.

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